About InPress

InPress is a Nordic media house. Since 1984 we have completed almost 2 000 unique newspaper projects on behalf of companies listed on the Nordic stock markets, universities and organisations from all Nordic countries. InPress has worked with a wide range of customers, from IBM and Nokia to Karolinska Institutet, UN, Millennium Technology Award, a great number of Embassies and the official presentation of Sweden at World Expo in Shanghai, just to mention some.


Newspapers and magazines is our speciality, printed as well as digital. Since 1991 we have worked closely with the big media houses in the Nordic countries for distribution. We also produce customer magazines and content for the web. InPress has also produced in depth summaries from conferences, for instance on behalf of The Swedish Society of Medicine, one of the oldest medical organisations in Europe.


Since 2011, InPress is supporting organisation, Sponsorship representatives and PR agency for Economist conferences in the Nordics.


InPress has its headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden, but also has offices in Gothenburg and Helsinki, Finland.

Do you want to know more about InPress? Please contact
Conny Uneus, CEO,

070-373 30 70, conny.u@inpress.com

Do you want to know more about our newspaper projects? Please contact
Mats Westerberg, project manager, 070-373 30 12, mats.w@inpress.com

Do you have ideas or news leads that we should write about? Please contact Ulrica Segersten, editor-in-chief, 070-373 30 50,