hund1InPress is a Nordic media house. We specialise in high-quality customer magazines and advertorial supplements.

Our customers have one thing in common. They all have important stories.

Whether our publications are printed or digital, they typically cover complex issues, such as science, politics, medicine, technology or economics and are characterised by a determined journalistic approach.

InPress has a wide range of customers, from well-known international companies to universities, government bodies and organisations so diverse as The Royal Palaces, The Swedish Society of Medicine and The Swedish Union of Tenants.

InPress has offices in Sweden and Finland and cooperates closely with the leading newspapers and media houses in the Nordic countries.

A group of highly skilled employees, specialised in project managing, journalistic work, graphic design and repro, offer customers a seamless, complete service.

InPress is Nordic representative for The Economist Events and has helped arrange several Economist-conferences in Sweden.

Since 2014 InPress translates and produces the Swedish edition of The Economist’s annual magazine, The World In for The Economist. The magazine is distributed by Dagens industri to its subscribers. InPress is the The World In’s exclusive licensee in Sweden.

InPress was founded in 1984 by the current owner, Conny Unéus, and has since then produced more than 2000 newspaper supplements and customer magazines.

InPress also publishes books through the publishing house InPress Art.

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